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Worship journey through the Land of God – Ascend Carmel Program

Kehila News, Estera Wieja, May 12, 2019

Earlier this spring almost 50 people from 14 countries arrived in Israel to join local Israeli worshippers, with their hearts ready for a divine encounter.

They did not come for a sightseeing tour nor a vacation, but to learn and listen to the voice of God as worshippers and prayer warriors.

By joining the Ascend Carmel Program of Kehilat HaCarmel they came to the land to grow in their calling, expand their vision and be equipped for their next season.

Kehilat HaCarmel is a congregation and ministry site located in the Carmel mountains in northern Israel. It holds weekly Shabbat services, as well as multiple prayer and worship watches throughout the week.

Visiting prayer groups and tours from the nations often join the congregation for special times of teaching, worship, and intercession.

The Ascend Program is a study tour that embraces the heritage of biblical worship and empowers participants to live out their God given destiny.

Focusing on three key areas – musical worship, intercession and creative arts – the program welcomes you on a three part journey based on a biblical pattern.

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