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What God is Saying About the Coronavirus

Kehila News, Rick Ridings, March 5, 2020

Recently, David Demian asked me to share on a global webinar about the coronavirus. They played a clip of me speaking at their gathering in Hong Kong last July, sharing visions of increasing shakings coming on the world.

I had shared that it was important not to give in to fear in the increasing shakings and chaos. To remember that it is the Lord who is in charge of the duration of shakings, and the ultimate purpose was the emergence of the Kingdom of God, that cannot be shaken, and the Harvest.

I prophesied at that gathering that the shakings in Hong Kong would not spin out of control. But they would later calm down, and then would come another shaking. And that China would be shaken severely after Hong Kong.

Then in January 2020, I prophesied in Korea that great shakings would happen there within the next three months. They are now the nation with the second highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths after China.

I prophesied that these shakings would expose lies in the government and media of China and of South Korea.

The bottom line was that the shakings would be strong, but would each time calm down after a season, like in between birth pangs. Then another birth pang and shaking will come. But these shakings will result in a greater release of healings, miracles, harvest, and greater measures of the manifestation of the Kingdom.

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