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WATCH! Brother forgives Murders—Powerful!

Messiahs Mandate, Ron Cantor, October 4, 2019

A white, female police officer entered—what she thought was—her home. Only it wasn’t. It was her neighbor’s apartment and he is black. When she saw him, she thought she was being robbed and fatally shot him. However, she quickly realized her tragic mistake and called 911.

Amber Guyer’s trial ended this week and she was convicted of murder. The judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison. Her life is forever changed. Of course that is nothing compared to Botham Jean, the 26-year-old accountant whom she killed. Surely his family was devastated by these events, and understandably so. But one member of his family, chose mercy over judgment.

The young man’s brother, a true Christian, asked to give a victim impact statement. In most cases, such statements are meant to give an opportunity for the family to pour out their rage  and express their pain and agony. Often, they want to confront the killer or influence the judge or jury in regards to the sentence. Rarely is it used to express for forgiveness.

Brandt Jean, the brother took the stand.

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