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Want to Live in Israel? There's a New Visa You Should Check Out

Israel Today, Adv. Michael Decker, May 15, 2019

The B-5 visa, launched on May 1, 2019, allows US citizens to invest in an Israeli business and reside in Israel while managing it. 

The visa was first proposed during the Obama administration, in 2012. It was initially approved by the Israeli legislature in 2014, but ran into delays as certain political factions objected to its innovative contents.

The B-5 visa presents a unique development in Israeli immigration policy. This is the first entry permit which allows US citizens who are neither Jewish nor related to a Jewish / Israeli person by blood or by marriage, to obtain permanent legal status in the Holy Land.

The investor, foreign managers or skilled employees, and their family members (spouses and minor children) can reside in Israel indefinitely while the business enterprise is extant. The investor will be required to demonstrate that any foreign worker brought to Israel are US citizens whose presence is necessary for the business to thrive and expand.

Unfortunately, unlike many investment visas in developed countries, the B-5 visa does not include a path to citizenship or permanent resident status in Israel. The investor and any accompanying employees and family members can reside in Israel only while managing the business enterprise.

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