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Unrolling the red carpet for the neglected – Israeli beauty shop becomes safe place

Kehilanews.com, Estera Wieja

Mar 7, 2019

How a small beauty shop is dispersing the darkness of south Tel Aviv

The most pressing issues in this world are difficult in and of themselves, and still, majority of them are even more complicated when you look under the surface.

Tel Aviv, apart from being the tech capital in this part of the world, holds also some very dark secrets. When one takes up the challenge of standing against abortion which is very prevalent in Israel, it is impossible to detach it from its complexities.

This was the realization of an Israeli couple, Ishai and Anat, who were moved to take action against abortion by providing practical help to troubled mothers, but also felt a heavy burden in their hearts to reach out to women controlled by mafia and human traffickers.

They started an organization called Chaim Beshefa (Hebrew for ‘Abundant Life’) where they are surrounded by dedicated staff and volunteers who share in their mission.

A turning point came when Anat got a phone call from a social worker in Tel Aviv old bus station area. She asked Anat to meet and care for a victim of sex trafficking from Uzbekistan who was also a drug addict and just gave birth to a child she could not support.

Thus a new avenue of work was initiated for Chaim Beshefareaching out to women in prostitution by the old bus station in Tel Aviv.

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