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UMJC’s 2018 Summer Family Conference in Orlando, Florida

The Conference begins on Wednesday, July 18th and runs through Saturday, July 21st. This years feature guest speakers, will be Dr. Don Finto and Dr. Amy-Jill Levine. Conference events will be hosted at Sheridan Lake Buena Vista Hotel. Wednesday, July 18th – Saturday, July 21st.

Registration for Conference opens at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, July 18th. Beginning at 7:00 pm. An Event to look forward to is the Pool Party & Conference Kick-off, a Family Fun Night by the Pool. The conference will continue Thursday, July 19th, with workshops beginning at 9:15 am. There are a variety of workshops to choose from some of which are Dance, Welcome to the Union, Health Healing and Freedom, Family Enrichment, Biblical Enlightenments, and so much more!

Full Registration includes 2 kosher-style meals, access to all workshops and plenary sessions and closing night concert with Miqedem. Certified kosher meal options for an additional charge is available.

For More Information, visit UMJC’s Website.