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Trump's Israel Representative Reconnects 2,000-Year-Old Road Leading To Site Of Third Temple

JNN News, July 1 2019

President Donald Trump’s Israel envoy, including Ambassador David Friedman and Middle East Advisor Jason Greenblatt. hammered through the final wall to reconnect a 2,000-year-old road that Ancient Jews used to bring sacrifices up to the Second Temple. The City of David discovered the ‘Pilgrim’s Road’ which was used by Israelites during the Second Temple period (516 BC-70 AD) to bring sacrifices from the Valley of Siloam up to the Temple Mount, the site of the Second Temple and the Third Temple (which has not yet been built). Tchiya Luria, a digger with the City of David explained that when her crew began digging, they realized that there was a road in the location.  However, she “didn’t know exactly where it started”. But as soon as she uncovered the stairs, Luria realized that that was where the road began. “In the past six years, we’ve been working on excavating intensively,” says Archaeologist Dr. Joe Uziel. “The Pilgrim Street which led from the Siloam Pool up to the Temple Mount, about 656 yards long and 8.7 yards wide would have housed the thousands of pilgrims which arrived in Jerusalem from surrounding areas in order to take part in the ceremonies on the Temple” Uziel added. “In 70 AD, Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans who burn it as Josephus says, all the way down to Siloam. And we’ve been exposing that destruction layer which included the coins, the glass vessels and the pottery vessels which smashed onto the street and then were covered over by the buildings that collapsed and sealed that destruction layer which waited 2,000 years for us to come and excavate it,” Uziel said. (Google)

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