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Trump praised for advancing religious freedom at U.N.

One News Now, Chris Woodward and. Steve Jordahl, September 24, 2019

President Donald Trump delivered an historic speech on religious freedom Monday at the United Nations. Several of his evangelical advisors were at his side.

It was the first time a U.S. president had addressed the United Nations on the topic of religious freedom. Trump explained to the world leaders and lawmakers assembled at the U.N. that America had a moral right to speak on the topic:

Trump: "The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government, they come from God. This immortal truth is proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution's Bill of Rights."

He noted that 11 Christians are martyred each day around the world, and asked the rest of the international community to join in the effort to protect them as well as others who suffer for their faith:

Trump: "Approximately 80 percent of the world's population live in countries where religious liberty is threatened, restricted or even banned …. As we speak, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many other people of faith are being jailed, sanctioned, tortured, and even murdered – often at the hands of their own government – simply for expressing their deeply held religious beliefs."

"Today, with one clear voice, the United States of America calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution."

Several of the president's evangelical advisors came along for the address, including Franklin Graham with Samaritan's Purse, Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, and Southern Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, who points out that Trump wasn't just the first U.S. president to address the subject at the U.N.

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