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Torah Scroll Dedication at Dothan Messianic Fellowship

By Mae Ellen Yates, age 13, Dothan, Al.

June 9, 2019 during the Feast of Shavuot, Dothan Messianic Fellowship in Dothan,

Alabama dedicated their new Torah Scroll. The 180 year old scroll arrived from Jerusalem, Israel earlier that week. The procession, beginning with a shofar blast, proceeded from outside into the midst of the congregation as everyone joined in dancing with tambourines in hand. The excitement and awe in the room as each person from the youngest to oldest followed The Word was felt greatly. As the scroll was stretched out by the elders all the children lined up curiously to take a first peek. Elder Gabriel Rutledge told of the how the animal skin had been sowntogether. He told of the time this scroll had likely been through Europe during The Holocaust. One of the oldest members of the congregation ( 81 years old), Mrs. Joanne Dick, was the first to read from the new scroll. She read the name of God in Hebrew. Young and old could be seen lining the approximate 15 feet of scroll laid open. Different ones pointing out words they could recognize from familiar prayers, scriptures, lines of poetry and songs brought much excitement. Other highlights included Elder Rutledge sharing a teaching on the giving of the ten words straight from the scroll and finding the Aaronic Blessing. The celebration was concluded with the reading of the Shema before the scroll was rolled up. The dedication was a special time for this congregation.