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Through the Eyes of a Young Hebrew Slave

JewishVoice.org, April 17, 2019

What would it have been like to be in Egypt thousands of years ago on the night of Passover? Every Jewish person alive at that time had been born into slavery, as were their parents and grandparents. Generation upon generation knew only the bitterness of forced labor and mistreatment. 

But then, out of the desert comes an 80-year-old Jewish man, who was raised by Pharaoh’s daughter and had left 40 years ago. He has come back to deliver a message to Pharaoh from the God of Israel Himself. “Let My people go!” And in Goshen, where the Jewish people lived, hope stirred at last.


Imagining the Passover in Egypt

Everyone has been so excited! We’ve been bumping into each other all day as we’ve hurried to get our things together, packed into carts, ready to go. Is this really happening? Are we truly leaving Egypt and escaping our slavery to Pharaoh? 

Our people have been here for 400 years. I have always been a slave. It’s all I’ve known. There are over a million of us now. No wonder Pharaoh doesn’t want to let us go – what will he do without the forced labor of our Hebrew hands? 

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