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The secret of the Western Wall

Kehila News, Doug Hershey, November 4, 2019

– Edward Wilmot Blyden (1866, African American Author; – From West Africa to Palestine; 245)

The Western Wall, sometimes called “The Wailing Wall”, is known throughout the world as a Jewish place of prayer. Jews have been praying here for centuries, still weeping over the destruction of the Temple or reciting ancient prayers, looking for the Messiah. Many will write their prayers on paper and stuff them in the cracks of the wall to keep their prayers continually before God.

If you have been to Israel, you have most likely visited the Western Wall, as it’s an awe-inspiring location. Unfortunately, many non-Jewish visitors who have seen it may have dismissed the passionate devotion that can be seen at the wall as misguided religious fanaticism. Even those who have prayed at it may have missed the profound biblical promise that was waiting for them to access.

At this location, God made a stunning yet little-known promise, not to the Jewish people, but to those from the nations who would come to seek Him in Jerusalem.

There is nothing mystical or spiritual about the Wall itself. The Western Wall is simply a portion of the western retaining wall built by Herod in the first century, to flatten the top of Mt Moriah for a large Temple to be built on top of it. Through the centuries, the exact boundaries of the destroyed Temple and its courts on top of the Mount were in dispute, so many religious Jews would not ascend the Temple Mount for fear of transgressing God’s instructions without realizing it.

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