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The Most Dangerous Woman in America

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Messiahs Mandate, Ron Cantor, July 20, 2019

Hey Mainstream Media, the chant, “Send her back” is not racist any more than “lock her up” is sexist (Hillary 2016). I don’t condone sentiments like, “go back to where you came from,” and I would never say that to an immigrant. I am an immigrant myself in Israel and would not like someone telling me, because of my faith in Yeshua, to “go back to America.” But unless they are directed at an entire race, they are not racist. So stop referring every 10 seconds to the the racist chant. 

In this situation, they are directed at one person and not because of her race or ethnicity. She could be a white male from Macedonia and the sentiment would be the same. The issue is Ilhan Omer’s policies and rhetoric, not her gender, religion or ethnicity.

For “send her back” to be racist, it would need to be directed at her entire race and because of their race. “Send them back because they are black,” would be racist and would be condemned by 99% of Americans (sadly some Americans would embrace it).

Neither is it Islamaphobic (she is hardly a good Muslim, embracing Abortion, even at nine months, and gay marriage) as it is not directed against Muslims. Nor is it xenophobic, as it is not directed against the entire Somali community.

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