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Shocking case of Israeli believers targeted by efforts to revoke their citizenship

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Kehilanews.com, Cliff Keller, Jul 25, 2018

Israel's Ministry of Interior is attempting to revoke the citizenship of a Messianic Jewish family for no apparent reason. Yet in 2012, an Israeli Judge declined to revoking the citizenship of a convicted terrorist bus bomber, stating that revoking [citizenship] is reserved for extreme cases. Please pray for justice regarding Ariel and Shayla Hyde's case.

Because of their religious beliefs, Ariel and Shayla Hyde, a young married couple from Haifa, are two among many in Israel and abroad who find themselves targets of what amounts to a discrimination campaign by Israel’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) to protect the nation from Messianic Jews.

Ariel’s parents, Richard and Carolyn Hyde, are also longtime targets of a religiously motivated quest by the Ministry of Interior to deport them, and more recently, Ariel’s brother, Avi, and his wife, Liora.

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