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Rocket barrage raises tensions in southern Israel

Kehilanews.com, Kehila News Israel Staff, Aug 9, 2018

In response to the rockets fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza, the IDF struck 12 Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip (Photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit/Twitter)

Israelis in the South were forced to relocate day camps to bomb shelters or close them altogether as nearly 200 rockets were fired at Israel in one day, injuring seven people and damaging buildings in the region yesterday.

On Thursday afternoon an official in the Gaza Strip declared that the latest round of violence had ended early and that armed groups in Gaza would cease their fire and that it was up to Israel to do the same.

“The current round in Gaza has ended. The resistance responded to the enemy’s crimes in Gaza,” a Palestinian official said. “The continuation of calm in Gaza depends on (Israel’s) behavior.”

Despite the declared cessation of launches, Palestinians launched a brief round of rockets on Thursday afternoon including one that landed near Beersheba. This was the first time the southern Negev city — some 25 miles north of Gaza — was struck since the Gaza war in 2014 and shows that the militant groups in the coastal enclave have long-range missiles in their arsenal.

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