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Report: Iran accelerating uranium production

Messiahs Mandate, Ron Cantor, June 12, 2019

According to a report from an independent watchdog group, Iran has apparently followed through on a threat to accelerate its production of enriched uranium.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long cast Iran as the most prevalent and dangerous threat to the Jewish state and has lauded American efforts to place sanctions on the Islamic nation. The U.S. pulled out of a nuclear deal with Iran last year, tightened sanctions in May and even dispatched troops to the region recently.

President Obama had a policy of distancing himself from natural US allies like Israel, and befriending fanatics like the Ayatollahs in Iran and the outlawed Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. I had never bought into the idea that he was a secret Muslim, but in retrospect, when I remember him referring in an interview to his “Muslim faith,” I have to ask, how many people accidently refer to their faith by the wrong name? I have never come close to saying, my Buddhist or Hindu faith. And, based on his actions, he certainly favored the Islamic world over Israel and even America.

Now, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, whose agency is responsible for monitoring Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal, said Iran was now producing more enriched uranium than before.

“Yes, [the] production rate is increasing,” he said, but declined to say how much it had increased by.

Iran said last month it was still abiding by the deal but threatened to quadruple its production of enriched uranium if European nations failed to shield it from U.S. sanctions. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blamed the United States for the escalation but expects Europe to intervene.

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