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Release of new worship song, Melech, by Jerusalem artist Birgitta Veksler

Kehila News, Karen Royel, October 12, 2019

Jerusalem artist Birgitta Veksler has released a new single entitled “Melech”. The song was written and performed along with the FellowshipofArtists, who “helps grow and develop Israeli worship in Israel – with both Jewish and Arab Israeli believers in Yeshua.”

Veksler says the vision for the song came from reading Psalm 145. “I saw the words “ATA melech ..” in Psalm 145,” she recounts, “and my mind got taken to a place of how would people today express God being a king? I felt like it was a big celebration and I wanted to to come through the song. The song was put out together by many people actually. One of my friends directed the chorus melody, the other wrote the bridge. Everybody took part because there was like a hook to the song that made them want to take part. “

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