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Rebecca Rudolf at Beth Zion

This Saturday January 26th at 10:45am Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue in Jackson, New Jersey will welcome Rebecca Rudolf for a special Shabbat concert. 

Rebecca Rudolf, a dancer/choreographer and singer and songwriter who is passionate about reaching out to others to bring them inspiration from the Lord. Rebecca has performed on a professional level with various ballet companies; but now, concentrates on serving the Lord by performing her own God-inspired choreographic worship dances at conferences, festivals, and other venues. 

Rebecca’s songs and dances move people to experience God in a deeper fashion by conveying a variety of inspirational themes that are always about God, His love, His power, His deliverance, and His healing. Seeing the rapidly increasing spiritual darkness of the world today, Rebecca feels an absolute urgency to tell as many people as possible about God’s love for them.

Beth Zion meets at the facilities of Jackson United Methodist Church 68 Bennetts Mills Rd. Jackson, NJ.


To learn more about Beth Zion visit www.bethzion.org.