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Press Release: God Has No Plan "B" by Rabbi Eric Tokajer

Last month Rabbi Eric Tokajer released his sixth book entitled God Has No Plan "B". His new book is a compilation of 45 separate Messianic Jewish teaching covering topics such as "From Father Knows Best to Modern Family", "Looking Past Passover", "The Forever Name", "How did God Die" and "The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories". For those who love to read complex issues explained simply this is the book for you.

One reader's review "At first glance, this books appears to be an easy ready - however, do not be fooled...I have found myself rethinking many of the gems in this books. The chapters are short in length but they will require you to think about them more and more after you put the book down!"

Rabbi Eric serves as rabbi of Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue in Pensacola, Florida and has helped to establish 5 other congregations across the Gulf Coast. He is also a regular contributor to Charismamag.com and Kehilanews.com as well as serving as the Theology Team Facilitator for the Tree of Life Version Bible.

Rabbi Eric has written 5 other books: Oy! How Did I get Here, Transient Singularity, With Me in Paradise, #ManWisdom, and Jesus is to Christianity as Pasta is to Italians. All are available on his website RabbiEricT.com and on Amazon.com.

To view his latest book, click here.