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Press Release: A Passover Book Like No Other, a Passover Seder Like No Other

A Passover book like no other! 


A Passover SEDER like no other! 

You will appreciate and be in awe more and more of what Yeshua's sacrifice did for us!

A profound, personal, Passover preparation study and Seder notes!

Passover is one of the most important Appointed Times of the Bible. Rabbi Jim explains that the Passover Seder is a Covenant Renewal Meal, designed and commanded by God, for renewing His Covenant each year with the Israelites.

Rabbi Jim teaches what Passover is all about and shows, with Scriptural evidence, how Yeshua (Jesus) built on this Covenant and on the traditional Passover Seder to establish the Covenant Renewal Meal for the New Covenant. You will learn the heart-touching connections between the Passover ceremonial traditions and the Last Supper and Communion. You will become profoundly more grateful for what Yeshua’s sacrifice accomplished, and more deeply encouraged by the promises Yeshua wants us to remember as wecelebrate Passover and commemorate His death until He returns.

See inside a couple chapters and additional pages.   

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We are pretty confident that you will not be the same after studying this book.

Discover the deep truths that God’s Passover commandments, the first Passover events, and the Seder traditions reveal about Yeshua and His sacrifice.

Learn how they help explain why Yeshua did what He did in His last days, and why everything happened as it did surrounding His death. Then see how it all applies to our lives today in very meaningful, practical ways. 

There's a wonderful bonus at the back of the book. Scroll down to learn more.


  1. What is a Passover Seder? 9

  2. Plague of the Firstborn 26

  3. Mixed Multitude 39

  4. The Servant and The Son 55

  5. Removing Khametz  73

  6. Two Seders  104

  7. Must Be Ritually Pure  109

  8. Yeshua’s Purity Paradigm Shift   124

  9. Shabbat HaGadol   142

  10. The Unblemished Lamb 164

  11. Yeshua, The Passover Lamb: Parallels and Tradition   177

  12. Costly and Spotless 190

  13. Silent as a Lamb  204

  14. Even Intentional Sin   223

  15. Footwashing, Servanthood  242

  16. Washing Feet in Ministry, Finding Felt Needs  252

  17. Covenant Meal, Renewing Old, Establishing New  272 

  18. Renewing the New: Promises and Conditions  285

  19. The Cups of the Covenant  304

  20. Children and Passover. 323

  21. Bibliography  336

  22. Appendix A: Passover Seder Notes   340

  23. Appendix B: Yeshua’s Last Seder Scriptural Outline  369

Here is a list of just a few things given and revealed in this book:

~ Full explanation of a Seder and all the traditions surrounding it.

~ How different the Seder was for Rabbi Jim after he accepted Messiah Yeshua.

~ Photos of Seders from ages past and from different ethnic groups

~ The significance of Shabbat HaGadol and how it connects to Palm Sunday

~ Ten different kinds of khametz (leaven) we need to remove from our lives.

~ The Seder is a Covenant Renewal Meal that Yeshua built the New Covenant Renewal

Meal upon.

~ The mystery of the two Seders

~ The mystery of why Yeshua had to be silent

~ The mystery and profound truth of why Yeshua's sacrifice had to be totally pure and

of the highest cost.

~ The amazing power and affect of all that Yeshua's sacrifice did and continues to do

for us.

~ The mystery of the two kinds of freedom. Very interesting!

~ How Yeshua used even tradition in establishing the New Covenant

~ The deeper meaning and personal application of the four cups

~ Finish out that certain Exodus verse with a fifth and sixth cup? Yes, cups of the

Promised Land and Inheritance.

~ The astounding 21 New Covenant promises with 6 conditions that Yeshua gave at his

Last Seder.

~ Nine more promises from both the Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant that

Rabbi Jim emphasizes during the Seder, including physical healing and delivery from

bondage and baggage

~ How foot washing can improve your ministry's effectiveness.

~ Very touching prayers at the end of most chapters for applying the principles to our

own personal lives and those in our influence. And also some prayers for Israel and

the Jewish people.

~ Instructions for partaking of your own private communion in the Lord's presence.

~ A chart of all the Scriptures of Yeshua's Last Seder in chronological order.

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