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President Rivlin: Israel's People Desire a 'Stable Unified Government'

JNN News, September 24, 2019

Over the coming days, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin will consult with representatives of all the parties elected to the Knesset according to the outcome of last week’s national elections.  Rivlin will decide to whom will fall the task of forming the new government. The president said on Sunday, 22 Sept. 2019 that the only way to form a stable government is to have the two large parties - Likud and Blue & White join forces. The other options for what will happen as a result of last week’s vote promise to be wrought with difficulties - that of a third national election in 2019-2020 or a narrow coalition made up of the right-wing and ultra-Orthodox parties. The option considered to be the most beneficial to Israel’s long-term stability and wellbeing - according to pre-election opinion polls and now Israel’s President – would be a unity government.  Rivlin said on Sunday, “The people of Israel want a government that will be stable and capable of leading the state. As an Israeli citizen, I feel that the only way to prevent another election is the ability of the two large parties - almost equal in size - to join forces and form a government." (JNN)

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