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Pray for the Warsaw Festival

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Jewish Voice, December 5, 2019

Lawmakers vote bill to hold election on March 2, 2020

We are expecting the Lord to do great things during the Poland Festival of Jewish Music. May this nation be open as never before to the Gospel of Jesus and God’s heart for the Jewish people.

Please sign up here to pray from home as we really need day by day round-the-clock prayer covering.

Please pray for:

Wednesday–Saturday, December 11–14 • Travel, Anointing and Unity

Health and protection throughout the Outreach in Poland, and smooth travelsUnity for all members of this huge Festival project – involving literally hundreds of peopleGreat anointing, vision and stamina for Jonathan Bernis, our Festival Producer; and the Lord’s help and favor for our Festival Event Director and Festival Operations ManagerOur Partner Engagement and Group Logistics Managers as they interact with and oversee arrangements for partners and teams

Sunday–Thursday, December 15–19 • Rehearsals, Preparation, Prayer and Street Teams

  • Prayer, wisdom, strategies and, above all, love, enabling us to navigate the many spiritual and cultural dynamics in Poland

  • The Lord to prepare hearts and the spiritual atmosphere for the miracles He will do

  • Our Prayer Room Manager/Trip Chaplain from the U.S. as well as the Polish Messianic couple – leaders of a small Messianic fellowship there – who are assisting him

  • Blessing for the partnering church in Poland, and its members, as they work with us to bless the Jewish people and bring the Good News to their city

  • Anointing and effectiveness for all our Outreach Partners, including the team Worship Leader, Group/Stage Management partner and the volunteer who is directing the Street Outreach, Usher and Altar Ministry elements

  • Festival performance rehearsals that have been going on since earlier in the week: for every detail and person to be used by the Lord to capture people’s attention and direct them to Jesus

  • The presence of the Lord to push back any distractions or disturbances so the love of God through Yeshua can be fully experienced and known

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