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Powder Keg

Featured Blog by David Dolan Tuesday, October 23, 2018 • Jerusalem

The Israeli government has not conducted ANY military operations against Iranian forces in Syria since a Russian spy plane was brought down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire on September 17th...a date I felt over one year ago might prove to be crucial in setting off a new Middle East and/or Korean war. The IDF silence comes despite the fact that Iran continues to strengthen its own forces stationed in Syria and its surrogate forces in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, where more rioting occurred today as yet another forest fire was started by Palestinian incendiary kites and balloons near Ashkelon. Many Israelis are now asking why the government has not yet launched its declared IDF operation to deal a “crushing blow” to the radical Hamas movement, which controls the small coastal zone, and also to the Islamic Jihad group closely allied with Tehran. Some analysts say the Netanyahu government is apparently reluctant to start any military action---which is clearly needed after six months of escalating Palestinian violence and terror--because of the likelihood that Iran would then order a Hezbollah rocket blitz against Israeli population centers and military bases in a “show of support” for the Gaza Palestinians who are being used to ignite a fuller regional war (which the mullahs falsely believe they can win)......

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