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Passover Popovers Recipe

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

MyJewishLearning.com, Sonya Sanford, APRIL 4, 2019

Passover popovers fall into the category of “old school” Jewish food. Like mandel bread or matzah brei, they’re one of those dishes my grandmother always made during the holiday. These recipes were popular in a time when every baked Passover dish seemed to be made of matzah meal, and before there was an abundance of grain-free flours and quinoa. You’ll find recipes for these popovers in classic Jewish cookbooks, and I think they deserve some renewed attention.

The batter for these popovers is similar to choux pastry. Choux is a pastry dough that consists of flour, butter, water, and eggs, and it’s the base for eclairs, gougères, and cream puffs. When choux pastry gets baked, it puffs up and crisps on the outside, but is hollow on the inside. Instead of flour and butter, the batter for Passover popovers is made with oil and matzah meal, making them dairy- and chametz-free. There’s a little sugar added for flavor, but these skew savory rather than sweet. Pastry dough might sound intimidating to make, but the ingredients are few, and the only tools required to make the batter is a large pot and a wooden spoon.

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