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Over One Million Israeli Children Living in Poverty

JNN News, December 17, 2019

Some 2.3 million Israelis, including over one million children and accounting for 26.5% of the entire population, live below the poverty line, according to Latet’s 2018 Alternative Poverty Report published on Thur. 12 Dec. 2018. According to Latet, the primary food of 80.2% of children in the welfare system is bread and butter (36.9%) and carbohydrates (43.3%). This marks a significant increase since 2016, when the figure stood at 67.7%. Among the welfare-dependent elderly, some 92.4% of those in poverty said that their monthly pension does not enable or only partially enables them to meet the basic needs of dignified living. A majority of welfare recipients, almost 53%, said they frequently or occasionally lacked sufficient food at home during the past year, compared to only 5.8% of the wider population. A total of 77.5% said they did not have sufficient finances to purchase food to provide balanced meals, compared to 17.4% of Israeli society. A total of 68.4% of Israel’s unemployed due to illness admitted to not purchasing necessary medicines or treatments as they did not have the financial means to pay for them.

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