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New Jerusalem Museum Looks At The Origins of Christianity

JNN News, October 21, 2018

The Terra Sancta Museum’s newly-reopened archaeological wing displays objects depicting how Yeshua might have lived 2,000 years ago. Located on the Via Dolorosa the museum features coins, mosaics, and unique inscriptions from biblical times. Most of the items on display were collected by the Franciscan friars over the centuries. Although the archaeological wing is already open to the public, construction is ongoing. “We succeeded in opening just part of the new museum,” said Father Eugenio Alliata, director of the museum. “We hope it will be completed in maybe two years. We want people to understand that the life of Yeshua is very closely connected to this land.” “Part of the museum dates back to 1902 and then we have a part that is much older and that probably dates back to the time of Yeshua,” said Sara Cibin, the project director of the museum. Though it mainly focuses on the origins of Christianity, the museum is also geared toward non-Christian visitors who wish to learn more about daily life in the Holy Land thousands of years ago. “The time of the life of Yeshua is interesting not only for Christians, but also for Jews as part of what they call the Second Temple period,” Father Alliata explained. “We think that the figure of Yeshua will be an attraction for everybody.” (Medialine)

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