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Netanyahu: Israel's Position Is Improving

JNN News, November 5, 2018

PM Binyamin Netanyahu flew to Bulgaria on Thur. 1 Nov. 2018 to participate in a forum comprised of several European leaders. Before boarding the plane, Netanyahu said "I'm heading out now to engage in policy at the highest levels. I will meet my good friends the prime ministers of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the president of Serbia. Netanyahu underscored the attempt to alter the anti-Israel conduct of the European Union. "This is a group of countries that I want to advance my policy; to change the hypocritical and hostile approach of the EU. This is a process that will take time but I believe in setting goals and striving towards them systematically. I believe that this too we will achieve in time. This is an important matter for the State of Israel, whose position is rising in the world." (Arutz-7)

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