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My friend is being deported from Israel

Kehilanews.com, Rebecca Rikhi

Nov 19, 2018

My friend is being deported. Her offense? Belief in Yeshua. Are we living under a dictatorship? Communism? Oligarchy? No, no, and no. We’re living in the only democracy in the Middle East that actually touts its religious freedom, and yet my friend’s faith has deemed her an enemy of the state.

She is a Messianic Jew, a dangerous label for any citizen and especially for any prospective citizen of Israel. How many more cases? How many more interrogations? How many more deportations before we say enough is enough? It’s not enough to whisper in the shadows, strategizing how to get in under the radar, hoping the Authorities don’t ask us the Yeshua question.

It is time to stand up to the Ministry of Interior and expose its discriminatory acts. I’ve had too many friends, too many family members, too many of us mistreated and persecuted, so I’m not keeping silent any longer.

They say the law is against us, but is it? The Law of Return affords citizenship to any Jewish person or person with a Jewish grandparent, except for those who have converted to a new religion and, therefore, have renounced their Jewish identity.

What Messianic Jew that professes they are Jewish and can prove their Jewish lineage has renounced their Jewish identity? Messianic Jews serve honorably in the IDF, are a part of the Israeli workforce, and pour their time and talents into Israeli society.

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