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Muslim honored for saving Jews during Holocaust

Messiahs Mandate, Ron Cantor, October 17, 2019

Brothers Hamid (left) and Xhemal Veseli, whose family saved Jews from the Holocaust. (JUF News)

A 93-year-old Albanian man — one of several Muslims still alive today who rescued Jews in Europe during the Holocaust — will be honored at an event titled “An Evening for the Righteous” on Nov. 14 in Warsaw.

Xhemal Veseli, 93, will be joined by other rescuers from Poland and Belarus in addition to officials from Israel, Denmark and the United States. Albania’s foreign minister, Edmond Panariti, whose family also saved Jews from the Holocaust, will accompany Veseli.

“In the remarkably fragmented and aggressive world we live in today, religion sadly often divides us,” said Jonny Daniels, organizer of From the Depths commemoration group. Testimonies such as Veseli’s, “bring us together as Jews and Muslims.”

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