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Messianic Believers: Pioneers of photography in Isra el

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Kehilanews.comJim R.Sibley PhD, August 21, 2018

The modern State of Israel developed at a miraculous pace, but what many don’t realise is just how many disciples of Jesus were among the pioneers of various aspects of Israeli life. The 1800s saw startling advances in communication and transportation, education and medicine, but one long-overlooked window, or aperture, into the history of Jewish believers in Israel may be found in the field of photography.

It was believers who first introduced the art of photography to our nation.

Believers first to document the Land with photography

Andrew Bonar, Robert Murray Murray M’Cheyne, Dr. Alexander Keith, and Dr. Alexander Black arrived in what was then Palestine to carry out their famous Mission of Inquiry in 1839, “to see the real condition and character of God’s ancient people, and to observe whatever might contribute to interest others in their cause”. They wanted to understand the lay of the land, to investigate the situation of the Jewish people living in Palestine, and report back to all those who loved the people of Israel. For this, they wanted not only to bring notes from their exploratory trip, but also pictures.

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