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Lights In Tel Aviv Sidewalk To Protect 'Smartphone Zombies'

JNN News, March 14, 2019

According to a USA Governors Highway Safety Association published last year, one of the key factors behind the record increase in pedestrian casualties across the country was "the dramatic growth in smartphone use." Seeking to avoid such casualties, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality joined this week a growing list of cities around the world installing LED ground-level lights at pedestrian crossings, designed to warn texting pedestrians that they are about to cross the road. The new lights, part of a municipality trial, are connected to traffic lights on the city's major Ibn Gvirol Road, opposite the municipality building. The LED floor lighting changes color at the same time as regular eye-level lights. Similar lights have already been installed in a number of European cities, as well as in Singapore and Australia. In Germany, the word "smombie," a fusion of "smartphone" and "zombie" was chosen as the country's official "Youth Word" in 2015. (J.Post)

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