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Launch of new united Israeli ministry – Eagle Global Ministries

Updated: a day ago

Kehila News, Yevgeni Stanukevich, Jul 17, 2019

The Eagle Project is a united ministry hosted by the Return to Zion Ministry and Revive Israel. Its vision is to renew, teach, invest and develop the young generation in Israel from age 20 and above.

In May 2019, in premiere and after a long time period of preparation, the Eagle Project has launched the “Eagle Global Ministries”. In total, 12 emissaries were sent for a 2 weeks period ministry to our Asian brothers and sisters.

Together with the local Asian Eagles, these young men and women created and lead a throughout agenda, whose goal was to teach and draw unity between Jews and Gentiles. Most importantly, they successfully led it and put it into practice. 

The first week in Taipei, included common lessons about our roots of faith, cultural differences, local and Israeli history and more. After two days, the team started a full-time ministry to the local body of Messiah and even took it to the streets. The young eagles experienced how to teach in front of people, share their testimonies, lead worship, speak at discussions and debates, and listen to others. They also held in-depth learning sessions of the Scriptures, built solid connections and relationships, listened to God’s guidance and prayed for one another – all that as one united body in Messiah. 

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