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Israelis mark Memorial Day with fresh round of victims from weekend attacks

Kehila News, Kehila News Staff, May 7, 2019

As the sirens sound in Israel on the eve and morning of Memorial Day, Israelis will remember the nation’s fallen including, poignantly, the four civilians who lost their lives this week during rocket attacks against the country.

Hamas pummeled Israel with nearly 700 rockets in less than a 48-hour period this weekend killing:

  • Moshe Agadi, 58

  • Zaid al-Hamamdeh, 44

  • Moshe Feder, 64

  • Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman, 21

Among these victims are two secular Jews, an Orthodox Jew and a Bedouin Israeli Arab. All were fathers.

In a somber moment, Israelis bow their heads in silence for one minute to pay tribute to fallen soldiers and terror victims on the eve of Yom HaZicharon. Sirens blare at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night for one full minute signaling the onset of the day and then again on Wednesday morning. The nation comes to a temporary halt and even drivers will stop their cars and stand outside their vehicles in prayer during the duration of the siren.

Most establishments will be closed on Wednesday morning and Israeli television goes off the air during for 24 hours except to air documentaries about Israel’s wars.

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