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Israeli artists explore hope, light, transition in upcoming Jerusalem exhibit

Kehilanews.com, Cliff Keller

Dec 18, 2018

The Jerusalem House of Quality will host an art exhibition featuring the work of 10 artists, nine of whom are Messianic believers, and are all immigrants who – after transitioning from their lives in other cultures – have integrated into Israeli society and the creative life here.

Appropriately themed, In Transition, במעבר, (BaMa’avar) the exhibit will span two weeks — two distinct shows each featuring the work of five of the 10 exhibitors — beginning Dec. 23.

“Transition is a constant factor in our lives and communities,” explains an exhibit promotional piece. “In Hebrew there are various words expressing ideas to do with the process of changing from one state to another, to move on from something old or difficult, for the better or the worse. Or, as in the Hebrew word ma’avar, to cross over or to pass through.”

The first week of the exhibit will feature the diverse talents and interpretive works of Rolf Danielson, Marc de Klijn, Henny van Hartingsveldt, Diana Shimon and Brigitta Yavari-Ilan. Artists Mike Bayliss, Baruch Maayan, Itamar Siani, Martha Stern and Dima Tretyakov will be featured in the second exhibit beginning Dec. 30.

“I, Rolf and others share a burden to bring artists together for promoting their work, networking and mutual support,” Bayliss told Kehila News Israel. “Most of us work on our own, some are still wrestling, in light of the times in which we live, with how we justify spending our days splashing paint on bits of canvas and playing around with lumps of clay. Recently, some of us have been meeting together in homes for fellowship and sharing new work.”

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