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Israel's Medical Clown Heals With Humor

For medical clown Dr. Amnon Raviv, humor for patients with serious illnesses is a survival order – a weapon to fight disease. Well known across Israel for his 23 years of work in medical clowning, Raviv will be in South Africa throughout August 2018 to share his expertise and assist the newly established NGO Dr. Heartbeat with medical-clown training. “Today we know that it is not possible to treat the body without taking care of the soul,” Raviv told media sources. The medical clown treats the psyche, and the stronger it is, the better the chances of recovery. Many studies indicate that medical clowning reduces anxiety and pain in patients – children and adults – and thus allows for better coping with the disease and its consequences. We know that laughter causes the secretion of hormones called endorphins that strengthen the immune system. The special empathetic connection that the medical clown creates with the patients reinforces and strengthens them,” Raviv explained. He added that “humor allows them to observe his or her situation from another, ‘smiling’ perspective. The laughter, brought by the medical clown to patients enables them to celebrate life here and now and to mobilize forces in coping with the disease.” (J.Post) “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” Prov. 17:22

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