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[Israel First Fruits Story] Ellie, an Educator & Entrepreneur

Kehila News, Israel First Fruits Staff, December 31, 2019

Ellie* is an Israeli believer who grew up in a National-Religious family.

After finishing high-school at the age of 18, she was drafted into the Israeli army.  While serving in the IDF, she encountered the gospel through a tract about the Messiah. Ellie immediately felt that she found the TRUTH – Yeshua felt “natural,” fitting the values she grew-up with, her worldview and her understanding of the prophecies in the Jewish scriptures.

However, when she discussed this with her father, she quickly perceived that faith in Yeshua was “forbidden” territory. Nevertheless, the Lord was not done with Ellie and brought into her life a fellow soldier who was a believer. By the time her military service was over, Ellie had become a Messianic Jewish believer.

Following the army, Ellie enrolled in Teacher’s College.

“I always knew my calling was to be a teacher,” she shares. “After leaving home and completing my military service, I got my degree to become a teacher. Later, I felt the Lord leading me to get a second degree in education administration and then my Ulpan (Hebrew language) certificate.”

Pursuing her calling, she taught for many years. Then a new vision began forming.

“In the beginning, I thought God wanted me to start a new school. That was my vision. So, I started a daycare center.” Yet, like most first-time entrepreneurs, she did not have any business training and knew she needed help.

“I never had any business experience, so I decided to join the Firstfruits business course. I believed the Lord had a plan for me and that He had prepared this path for me. But I did not know what exactly God wanted or had in mind. I really believed it was the school. So, I came to the course to learn how to run my daycare.”

The course had a major impact on Ellie’s vision and practice. “After completing the course, I understood that my daycare could grow and get bigger. I was able to see how God was preparing me. I also began to see how my experience in education and everything else was to prepare me for what He had planned for me.”

But that was just the beginning of Ellie’s entrepreneurial journey.

“I always prayed that the Lord would expand my territory to reach as many people as possible. I wanted to be something unique and special.”

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