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In memory on Marc Chopinsky – Pioneer of Messianic Jewish Music

KehilaNews.com, Daniel Juster, October 21, 2018

Marc Chopinsky leading worship at Tents of Mercy Messianic Congregation in Israel (Photo: screenshot YouTube)

Marc Chopinsky left to be with the Lord  Oct. 21, 2018.

Today, during a bris [circumcision ceremony] for dear friends who were part of our congregation, Beth Messiah in Maryland, we received word that Marc Chopinsky had died.  It was only in the last spring that we celebrated his birthday up north. It was quite amazing.

Here we were entering this infant into the Covenant of Abraham, and then right after it we got the news on Mark. The passing of a giant was announced just after we believed that this infant would become a spiritual giant. I am terribly sorry that Patty and I are sailing on a ship back to the United States and cannot be at the memorial service.

I was Marc’s pastor for 16 years. He and later his wife Leah, were a blessing to my life that cannot be put into words. When Marc came to us at Beth Messiah, he was leaving a career as a rock musician. He believed that God spoke to him to put his guitar away and not give himself to music for the next season until he knew that this was not the basis for his meaning in life. When Marc believed that God spoke to him to again take up the guitar, it was in a new direction, to glorify HaShem and his Son Yeshua. Marc met Leah in our congregation. I was part of the marriage preparation and then officiated.

Marc was part of Israel’s Hope, the amazing worship group that laid foundations for Messianic Jewish worship for the whole Messianic Jewish congregational movement in the United States. Paul Wilbur was more prominently known, a great worship leader and powerful singer. But many did not know that Marc wrote most of the songs. He was genuinely humble and did not tout his accomplishments. In our congregation he led worship in alternation with Paul Wilbur in the times that Israel’s Hope was not traveling.  After ten years Paul Wilbur left our congregation for an opportunity in Chicago. He parted with the words that Marc would more than adequately fulfill our need for worship leadership, but would be excellent. I already knew this.

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