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IDF Plans To Strengthen Israel's Borders

JNN News, October 28, 2019

Late last week the IDF disclosed its new five-year plan of operations with its chief of staff warning, “The situation is fragile in the north and south — and may deteriorate into a confrontation.” The publication of the plan was reportedly postponed as a result of the continuing political uncertainty in Israel, with coalition talks still underway and a caretaker government in charge. The army concluded, however, that it had “no choice but to move forward” in light of recent developments. The IDF said the proposal was intended to address “the multiplicity of events and the multiplicity of activities” on the security front. The plan was formulated through a thorough assessment of the IDF’s capabilities and was intended to address and design solutions to perceived flaws. The plan also deals with what is believed to be the central threat facing Israel: A decentralized enemy in an urban space equipped with precision weapons. This description fits both the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the north and Hamas terrorist groups in the south. IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi emphasized the threat from Hezbollah, saying, “Israel’s central strategic challenge lies in the northern arena: in the entrenchment of Iranian and other forces in Syria and the precision-missile project. In both cases, it is an Iranian-led effort, using the territory of governments that are limited in their powers,” he added. “For years, Hezbollah has ‘taken Lebanon prisoner,’ established its own army there, and it is the one that actually determines Lebanon’s ‘security policy,’” Kochavi stated. (Algemeiner/JNN)

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