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IDF Levels Gaza high rise buildings in aggressive response

JNN News, November 15, 2018

A senior Israeli Air Force official said Israel’s response in Gaza to this week’s wave of rocket and mortar attacks has been aggressive, with airstrikes targeting key terror centers in the Strip, yet managing to avoid significant casualties in densely-populated urban areas. “These attacks are very different from what we did in the past,” the officer said, “both in terms of quantity and quality of the targets. The level of targets being hit is much higher – six and seven-story buildings in the heart of Gaza City. And the attacks on them are having a very significant effect on the other side.”The officer compared the airstrikes to Israel’s responses to Hamas provocations during the summer of 2014, dubbed Operation Protective Edge. “During the entire seven-week Operation Protective Edge, we hit two targets like these. Last night [Mon. 12 Nov. 2018] alone we hit four. Our operations are very, very aggressive. We don’t want to be in a situation where we’re playing ‘ping pong’ back and forth over every rocket attack. We are making the enemy pay a very heavy price". The IDF declared earlier on Tue.13 Nov. 2018 that the IAF had hit 150 terror targets across the Gaza Strip within 120 minutes. “We hit dozens of targets in under two hours, including four ‘super targets’ – multi-story buildings in the heart of the city. We did all this without killing anyone, and we made sure that the surrounding buildings were evacuated.” The IDF killed two terrorists Tue. morning, 13 Nov. 2018 including one involved in firing rockets at Israel, and a second who had infiltrated into Israeli territory. Four others were killed during Israel’s retaliatory strikes overnight. (Arutz-7)

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