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I Survived Postpartum Depression by Doing This One Thing

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Featured Blog by Brittni Greenberg, Jan 14, 2019

When you become a Mom for the first time, you’re completely thrown into it head first.

There’s no 90-day grace period. No return policy. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” parenting style. There’s an immediate shock, a lot of crying, a frightening amount of blood, postpartum depression, anxiety and let’s be honest – rage. 

You’ll have folks upset at you because they haven’t seen the baby yet and you’re just trying to deal with the next random doctor who walks into your room looking at every private part of your body. Who cares if you’ve been stitched together with a sewing needle – people need to see that baby!

Then you’ll come home and people are still upset at you because now they haven’t seen the baby at your home yet and you’re just trying to get your newborn to latch on without losing a nipple.

And the sleep deprivation. Oh, the sleep deprivation. 

And then SURPRISE! Your husband goes back to work. Your mom goes back to work. And it’s you and the baby alone in the house. And you think to yourself if God can stop the sun, part the seas, and raise the dead – somehow, just somehow – He can make my dog bring me a glass of ice cold water.

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