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Havdalah Sensory Activity for Babies and Toddlers

The Jewish Wife, Brittni Greenberg, May 5, 2019

Our daughter is about to turn eight months old and by now, she’s exploring everything around through her senses. It’s incredible to watch. And entertaining – because everything she picks up with her little hands goes straight to the mouth, LOL. So I’m constantly thinking of sensory activities to help her explore and learn.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love baking Challah. My entire home smells like freshly baked bread most Friday mornings. When you think of your childhood, are there any scents that remind you of something? Whether it’s your favorite dish your Bubbe used to make, or the perfume your Mom used to wear? That as soon as you smell it, it takes you back in time to that moment? One of mine is the smell of construction building. My Dad owns a construction business and I went to work with him growing up. Whenever I smell fresh cut wood on a construction site, I immediately think of working with my dad and how much I love him.

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