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Goliath's Birthplace Believed to be Unearthed Below Ancient Philistine City

THE PAINTING ‘David Giving Thanks to God After the Death of Goliath’ by Charles Errard.. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Jerusalem Post, Zachary Keyser, July 25, 2019

“All long we had this older, giant city that was hiding just a meter under the city we were investigating,” expedition leader Aren Maeir said.

An archaeological find unearthed beneath the ancient city of Gath, a pre-existing dig site, has uncovered massive fortifications dating back 3,000 years to the time of the early Philistines.

The archaeologists, initially working on the already excavated site in the ancient city of Gath, realized by accident that just below the site there were even older and much larger ancient structures waiting to be discovered.

The discovery possibly provides evidence linking the city unearthed beneath Gath to the great biblical antagonist and Philistine champion Goliath, who was defeated by David of Bethlehem, the eventual second king of Israel and Judah in single combat, according to a report by the Hebrew daily Haaretz.

Pottery shards found along the dig site carry the name of Goliath, and the unearthed walls rthat the Israelite King Saul would have seen as he approached the great biblical city, are massive in size - playing straight into the narrative of the ancient battle and tales between Philistines of Gath and the Israelite Kingdom under Saul's rule.

The archaeological discovery points to a possibility that the previous excavations of Gath may have been those of another city built on top of the Gath described in the Bible, quite possibly also showing that the city of Gath reached a peak at a much earlier age than experts originally believed.

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