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End-times signpost: Israel surrounded by conflict

Jewish Voice, Featured Blog by Jonathan Bernis, August 9, 2019

Israel threatened on all sides … a signpost of end-times prophecy coming true

Late last week, in less than 24 hours, two brief attacks erupted along two separate border areas in Israel:

One attack targeted Israel Defense Force (IDF) troops stationed in the south along the Gaza strip. An attacker, identified as a Hamas terrorist, armed with grenades and a military grade assault rifle, infiltrated the southern border in Israel and injured an officer and two soldiers before being killed by the IDF.

The second attack, just hours later, saw a missile strike a Syrian Army base in the Golan Heights. While Israel hasn't claimed responsibility, the strike was likely meant to disrupt Iranian-backed Hezbollah positions along the northern border. These positions could be used for future attacks and missile strikes into Israel.

While these types of incidents aren't uncommon, they are continual reminders that Israel’s enemies surround her borders and her people on all sides.

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Both Iran and Hamas have threatened to mount relentless attacks along Israel’s southern border, especially if war breaks out in the north along the Syrian and Lebanese borders.

It’s critical for Israel and her military to protect herself on multiple fronts – which could break out with unpredictable, explosive violence at any moment.

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