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How A Finnish Kibbutz Became A Center For Messianic Jews

BY ANIA BESSONOV/Jerusalem Post/JUNE 5, 2018 16:13

“The Finnish people that lived here turned their life to be with the same as the local life of the Jewish people", said Tsuriel Bar David, manager of the Yad HaShmona hotel.

While many European countries succumbed to the German occupation forces during WW2 and turned over their Jewish citizens, the Scandinavian countries felt little pressure to do so. However, despite their small Jewish population, Finland turned over eight Jewish refugees from Austria to the Nazis in 1942 during a collaboration with Germany. When news broke out about this exchange, the Finnish people felt the need to atone these sins, and they did so right in Israel.

Situated 30 minutes outside of Jerusalem is Yad HaShmona, a kibbutz founded by a group of Christian Finns in 1974 as a symbol of atonement for remembering the eight Jews Finland turned over.

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Ayelet Ronen. (photo credit: ALEX RICHLER)