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Career course being offered for Israeli believers next month

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

KehilaNews.com, Kehila News Israel Staff, Jan 23, 2019

While Israel’s economic situation is already challenging with comparatively lower salaries and higher taxes and costs of living than many other nations, believers here can find themselves in an even worse situation than the average Israeli.

Arik Pelled, manager of E.L.Y. Israel’s Families department, said that many believers have a tougher time finding good jobs or getting out of a rut of low-paying jobs.

“We have more new immigrants — Ethiopians, Russians — and also people who are confused that God called them to ministry, but they aren’t making money in that and yet they have a family to support,” Pelled told KNI.

E.L.Y. is offering a course in response to this dilemma in order to provide tools to believers to help them refine their careers and be successful in the marketplace. This is the second time the organization has offered this course, called Strong and Courageous. After the first course several participants launched new careers, pursued more training or found scholarships or government assistance to do so.

Pelled said the course fills a “major need” and is designed for people who don’t know what type of work suits them, find themselves at a crossroad in their career or simply are looking for a change.

With Pelled, Naamah Smith, project manager of E.L.Y. Families, and personal coach Hannah Shiloh, participants will explore questions about their own identity, gifts and strengths.

During and after the course E.L.Y. will guide the participants through their next steps, whether finding academic or professional training, business coaching, networking or even finding whether they are eligible for help from the government.

“In this course, we will learn how to turn confusion into clarity and challenge into a positive opportunity,” the course advertises.

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