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Back to the Future

Featured Blog by David Dolan, Wednesday, December 5, 2018, Jerusalem

The only time I was old enough to vote in a US presidential election before moving to Israel was in 1980, when I cast my ballot for Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Two weeks later, I was in the Promised Land. Over ten years on, I was still in the Lord’s Land where I would report for CBS News on the Gulf War, led by now President Bush. I covered his 1998 visit to Jerusalem as a former Commander in Chief, where he came to mark Israel's jubilee year. My grandfather and his oldest son, a high ranking US army officer during and after World War Two, were both named George, so like the Bush family that name has been prominent in our Dolan family (for over a century). My dad and his six siblings lost their youngest brother to leukimia at the age of three, similar to the Bush’s loss of their daughter Robin. So today’s funeral service at the National Cathedral brought back many memories to me. I was pleased to see that the national day of mourning proclaimed by our current leader for today felt more in the end like a day of celebrating a life well lived, as was the case at my grandfather’s 1974 funeral and later ones for both my Uncle George and my dad, who served in North Africa and Italy during the war....Meanwhile the Middle East is yet once again on a knife’s edge, as Israel expands its new “Northern Shield” operation against Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist tunnels that were constructed in secret over the past few years in preparation for apparent cross border raids being planned by the Iranian-backed terror group. The operation will probably expand to the threatened IDF strikes on Hezbollah positions in Beirut, where Iran is feverishly helping its proxy force upgrade its rockets and missiles with GPS systems, turning them into precision guided weapons that can accurately strike targets from hundreds of miles away. Late reports say the rogue militia has now been placed on a full war footing in anticipation of more action ahead. This comes after Israel launched a three wave missile assault last Thursday evening on Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah positions in at least five locations, including at Damascus airport. This news has been downplayed by Israeli officials, but the border region and indeed all of Israel remain on full military alert as the week long Hanukkah celebration of God’s miraculous intervention against ancient Israel’s Greco-Syrian enemies continues. May the Good Lord help all of us and our leaders in these critical days.

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