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Avi Lipkin returns to Adat Yeshua for a very special event

One Night Only​, Sunday, June 16th at 6:00pm Adat Yeshua in Overland Park, Kansas will welcome Avi Lipkin of Israel's Bible Bloc Party, the first Israeli Political party made up of Messianic Jews and Christians. Avi will be here on a surprise trip from Jerusalem, and this will be a momentous visit.

Some of the topics of discussion will be:

The Bible Bloc Part, Israeli elections, Iran Nuclear Threat, Lebanon, Hamas, and President Trump's “Deal of the Century.” He will also speak about how Europe and Russia have turned to the "right" in politics. Avi will explain how these amazing shifts on the playing field for Israel is changing the spiritual and geopolitical map for the Middle East.

Adat Yeshua has proudly hosted Avi as their guest for many years as he always gives expert and timely "insider" information about Israel, the Middle East, and current world events as they relate to both Jews and Christians.

For those unfamiliar with Avi, he has written the compelling book, "Christian Revival for Israel's Survival" is coming to fruition, as the coalition of Judaeo-Christian Biblical mandates for Israel are fusing together in this epochal time.

Plan to be arrive by 5:45 pm. because Avi will begin speaking promptly at 6:00 pm.

For more info on Avi Lipkin, visit www.avilipkin.net.

There will be books and DVD's available for purchase.

Adat Yeshua is located at 8512 Stearns Ave, Overland Park, Kansas