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Arab who saved Israelis during stabbing under threats

Messiah's Mandate, Ron Cantor, September 15, 2019

An Arab doctor who saved two Israelis during a stabbing attack in Palestinian territory is facing threats for helping the Jewish father and son.

Amin Mansour, a dentist, heard the men screaming after they had been stabbed right outside his clinic near the Palestinian-controlled city of Kalkilya. A Palestinian teenager stabbed them on Saturday after asking if they were Jews. Mansour chased him away and treated the wounds of the two Jewish men until they were evacuated by Israeli soldiers.

Shortly afterwards, the story spread on social media and many Arab users threatened Mansour for saving “two settlers.”

Mansour said he simply acted out of “humanity.”

“I could not look and see someone about to die,” he said. “I heard screams and saw the boy stabbing. I took the knife from him and he ran away. If I hadn’t stopped him, he could have killed.”

It is so encouraging to see Palestinians who have the courage to do what is right. However, there is still a sizable minority who lusts for blood. They will attack their own people—the people they are supposedly fighting for—because they helped potentially dying Jews.

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