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Approaching Israeli Elections in 2019...

Hope4Israel.org, April 2019

As we approach the 2019 elections in Israel, many outside Israel are wondering about how elections work in Israel and what is likely to unfold in the upcoming elections.


  • Israel’s government is a “parliamentary democracy”.

  • A parliament is a kind of democratic government run by representatives (indirect democracy).

  • In Israel, citizens vote for a single political party and not for individual candidates.

  • Some parties allow their members to vote in primaries to decide who will lead the party, but other parties simply leave the assignment of roles to the leaders in the party.

  • Israel’s parliament is referred to as the Knesset.

  • In order for members of a party to secure a place in the Knesset, at least 3.5% of those who vote in the elections must vote for that party.

  • There are 120 seats in Israel’s parliament, so if every party received exactly 3.5% of the votes, then there could theoretically be as many as 28 parties in the parliament and each of them would have between 4 & 5 seats.

  • In reality, there are typically between 10 and 13 parties that get enough votes to secure a place in the Knesset.

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