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Announcing publication of the book, "The Rabbi on the Mount: How Jesus' Judaism Clarifies the Sermon

You can't interpret scripture properly without understanding its context--and Jesus' Judaism is the bedrock of the context.

The Sermon on the Mount does not read like a sermon to most people. It looks more like a winding, lazy river of unrelated platitudes. No announced topic, no bullet points, no summary...

But that's not how it really was. To Jewish students of an authoritative Rabbi of the Second Temple Period, it may have been surprising but it made perfect sense. Rabbi Jesus, following a pattern common for Rabbis of his time, was preparing His students for the community of the kingdom of God, and they got the message. He was doing it for us, the Church that He knew He was planting, as much as He was doing it for them.

Phil Weingart, a Jewish lay teacher in a Christian denomination, has gathered details from history, scripture, and the writings of the Jewish sages of Jesus' day that illuminate what Jesus would have meant by many of the things he said, and explain how his students would have taken his words. Learning the facts about Jesus' Jewish culture and the religion out of which He was speaking sheds much-needed light on this crucial teaching by the Master.

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