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2019 Divine Purpose Women’s Conference in Toronto, On Canada

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

“I was created for the sole purpose of serving my maker.” -The Great Jewish Sages

Congregation Melech Yisrael and Nishmati Women’s Ministry are having its third bi-annual women’s conference during the weekend of August 2-4, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Rebbetzin Keturah, wife of Messianic Rabbi Yehezqel Italki of CMY, has been blessed to have a fully sold out venue this year. “’Divine Purpose’ has been our ministry’s theme all year long and so we wanted to make sure that we ended the year with a bang,” stated Rebbetzin Keturah when asked about the conference.

Featured Speakers include: Rabbi Yehezqel of Kehilat Melech Yisrael of Toronto, Rebbetzin Keturah of Nishmati Women's Ministries, and Pastor Raul Rubio & his wife Viviana Valbuena of Kehilat Yovel of Bogota.

Those attending will experience three unique and purposeful days of soul-searching, and they draw out hidden talents to understand what Hashem's will is for their lives.  The conference is bilingual, featuring both the English and Spanish languages with general admission, online streaming, and VIP tickets this year and will feature a Modesty Fashion as its “grande finale”. Since 2015, Rebbetzin Keturah’s Women's Conferences have been streamed online and as her online viewership grows and expands, she is happy to continue to have this online experience available to those who are not in Canada.

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